Our Pograms

Our programs are divided into the follow stakeholders:

  • Fresh Grads of IT sector
  • Fresh grads need the skills to get into the market. We take them inn for a 3 months incubationn where for the first one and a half month they get trainigs on social issues as well as workshops on different programming languages based on their area of interest. The the remaining one and a half month they build a product which is their own idea that use technology but creates social impact.

  • Experienced IT professionals
  • People who are already working int he field of IT, we provide them with traings int he social sector where they understand the issues in depth and the create products that splves a certian problem.

  • Civil Society Leaders
  • We conduct trainings for people who already have a social enterprise. To help them do certian things better like improving business model and how they can leverge the use of technology to boost the impact they are creating.


Business Model Development for Social Enterprise Training

Mode: Online
Registeration Start: 12 May 2021

Opening Soon

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